Witchburner is a thrash metal band formed in Kalbach, Germany in 1992.

Witch Burner was a two-man band of Tankred Best and Florian Schmidt 1992. After a few rehearsals, the first demo under the title “Future Tales” recorded, but which due to its low production is not officially sold.

After a few gigs, the band for a short time on ice, because Tankred Best guitarist in the band “DRUNK DEVIL” aushalf.DRUNK DEVIL was again dissolved in 1996 have Tankred Best, Tony Skudlarek, Florian Schmitt and Simon Seegel joined to the name Witch Burner continues to live. In the same year was the first CD “WITCH BURNER” in self-directed and limited to 500 copies published. After a few gigs Florian Schmitt had left the band and was replaced by Christoph inconvenience.

Several gigs and a small tour were subsequently challenged before 1998 went into the studio again for the second CD “Blasphemic Assault yourself, which some time later at Undercover Rec was released.

After these recordings Tankred left the band and was established by Patrick Kremer and Andreas Schäddel replaced. But Andrew had a short time after the band left. From now on, changed positions on drums steadily until 1999 in Balor a suitable person was found. Again changed the cast as Christopher and Tony left the band. The bass was replaced by Andy Süss position.