Stone Magnum

Stone Magnum from Michigan City, Indiana is an entity of sorrow, misery and woe. With a style rooted in hook laden doom metal, Stone Magnum explores the dark forces controlling man’s submissive existence. With a wide list of influences, Stone Magnum presents a broad offering of traditional, epic, depressive, and darkened doom metal with hints of traditional heavy metal stylings.

Formed in August 2010, what was merely an outlet of personal misery soon evolved into the next powerful Midwest Doom Metal entity. Orignal members Dean Tavernier (guitar/vox) and Brad Toth (drums), saw a number of lineup changes before being joined by guitarist Jim Brucks (Black Rhoades, Quadra) and bassist Marty Buchaus (Black Rhoades, Latent Fury) and recorded the debut Stone Magnum self titled offering, which has been released by Chicago’s RIP Records in February 2012.

To further their agenda of World Doomination, Stone Magnum recruited longtime Chicago Metal scene frontman, Nick Hernandez (Dysphoria, Kommandant) to take over as the permanent voice of Stone Magnum. At the same time, Buchaus had to depart the band, and was immediately replaced by four stringer Ben Elliot (Afterlife, Lordes Werre). With the addition of Nick and Ben, Stone Magnum are currently in the studio preparing a new release which will be introduced to the fans in the spring of 2012.

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