Metal Inquisitor

Metal Inquisitor originated in the beginning of 1998, as Blumi and Witchhammer decided, to call a real Heavy Metal-Band into life. A short time later they found KronoS (Bass) and El Rojo at the vocal cords, as suitable comrade-in-arms. Middle of 1998 they retreated for a few weekends into their rehearsal room, in order to record three songs on four tracks, which was brought out in form of a demo tape.

In 1999 they went to the nostalgic eight-track-studio “Overhead Project” of Joerg “Walli” Walldorf in Koblenz (Germany), in order to record two songs for a single, which in March 2000 under the title “Seven Inches for the Second Attack” has appeared.

With the new member T.P., at the second guitar, they have already prepared for a powerful live-sound. At the beginning of March 2000 Witchhammer left the band due to time problems and they found the right successor in Havoc at the drums.

In August 2000 a new Demo-Tape was recorded with the same old Four-Track-Equipment as the first Demo was made. After the good resonance’s about all Releases Metal Inquisitor took the chance to get a record deal with Iron Glory-Label and released in June 2002 their first full-length Album called “The Apparition”. The Reviews of the Album were from “good” to “great”, so as the resonance’s about the concerts from the following “The Apparition-Tour 2002/2003” through Germany and the adjoining countries too.

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